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Supply Chain SKU Maintenance

Whether sending or receiving SKU information and pricing, this easy-to-use, automated solution is a major time saver and virtually eliminates the risk of human error.


Manufacturer uploads
and maintains their
SKU information.
Web-based software
organizes and reformats
the information.
Authorized Channel
Partners download
updates as needed.


A secure, automated process that is easy to use

  • Information access is restricted to defined business relationships.
  • Each party can use their preferred file type and format.
  • Flexible update options – upload a new or partial file, or edit individual SKUs in the app.
  • Information and pricing can be managed by product groups or brand.
  • Process metrics, email notifications and usage stats insure that both parties are aware of changes/updates.


Contact FTG today to see how the ChannelLink SKU Maintenance can automate your SKU maintenance process. Ask for a web demonstration as the first step.